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For engineering solutions in Brisbane, contact Harbic Products. Our team of technicians provide reliable, comprehensive solutions that are designed to maximise productivity and efficiency. Harbic Products is a firm of dedicated engineering contractors focused on innovation and individualised, purpose-built solutions that precisely address your project's requirements. Speak to us in Brisbane to find out more.  

1. What metals can you electroplate?

Our plating line is set up for ferrous and non-ferrous metals anything that fits in our tanks can be plated, from car bumper bars to car badges. Our engineering contractors can accommodate all your plumbing, automotive and marine chroming & polishing needs to bring your project to a showroom finish. Materials we can Chrome Plate include: 

  • Brass
  • Steel
  • Bronze

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2. What type of coatings are available?

We can offer:

  • Decorative chrome
  • Satin chrome
  • Gold
  • Bright Nickel
  • Semi bright Nickel
  • Copper

3. Can you plate plastic?

Yes, we may be able to plate plastic depending if the metalizing layer is in good condition.

4. Do I need to polish the surface?

While there is no need to polish some jobs if a mirror finish is required our polishers can perform this.

5. Do you have a minimum charge?

Minimum invoice value is $77inc. jobs are priced individually and are dependent on how much time is required for surface preparation.

6. What materials can you machine?

We can machine ferrous and non-ferrous metals including some plastics.

7. Do you do machine single jobs?

Yes, our engineering contractors can do one off jobs up to large volume work running 24 hours a day in Brisbane.

8. Do you do hard chrome?